Privacy Policy and Data Processing

In some cases, our Finnish company Appkone Oy (that is, 'we') collects personal data from website visitors and users of our services and processes it. In this document, we describe what and how we process.

Our Main Principles

We aim to ensure maximum confidentiality of user data.

We do not aim to collect user data, except for the minimum necessary for the operation of our services.

We do not monetize your data and do not transfer it for monetization by third parties.

Terms We Use in This Document

Appkone Oy — any public service of Appkone Oy available at, as well as the mobile application 'Recorder' (Android).

User — any natural person who uses any services provided by Appkone Oy.

User Data — any information known to Appkone Oy about the reader.

Personal Data — any information related to the user.

Processing — collection, storage, alteration, provision of access, transmission of personal user data.

Categories of Personal Data We Process

User's IP Address

Your email address when you contact the technical support service of Appkone Oy

Any other information you provide when contacting the technical support service of Appkone Oy

Why We Process This Data

We process personal data in two cases.

1. To ensure the operation of services.

2. To provide information about payments and payment methods.

Who Can Access Personal Data

We may transfer data to analytics systems and companies providing financial services for payment processing.

We may also provide data to law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Finland.

Where and How Personal Data Is Processed

Personal data is processed within the territory of the European Union and/or the European Economic Area (EU/EEA).

Personal Data Retention Period

Personal data that allows us to analyze the availability of services is stored for no more than 90 days. Other data is stored for as long as necessary.

User Rights

Users have the right to receive clear, understandable, and complete information about what personal data of theirs is collected, for what purposes, and how it will be processed.

Users can request confirmation from Appkone Oy as to whether their personal data is being processed and gain access to this data.

Users have the right to correct inaccurate data and complete incomplete data.

Users have the right to delete their data if there are no legal grounds for their processing.

Users have the right to obtain their personal data.

For inquiries regarding the use, clarification, or deletion of user data, please write to [email protected].

If users believe that their rights and interests have been violated, they have the right to file a complaint about the use of personal data with the Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman.