Frequently Asked Questions

How to Install WDR Helper?

The app is installed in the same way as any other APK file.
Upon the first launch, the app will prompt you to configure settings and provide relevant recommendations.
You can find a complete illustrated installation guide here.

Is it Safe to Use WDRecorder?

WDRecorder uses only the standard functionality of Android OS.
The developers of the application do not aim to access any user data and/or process any user data.
You can find more detailed information here

Is it Ethical to Use WDRecorder?

We insist that questions of ethics and legality in the use of the application are the responsibility of the user. Please consult with relevant experts in your jurisdiction.
You can find the user agreement here.

How Does WDRecorder Differ from Other Similar Apps?

One of the distinguishing features of WDRecorder is the enhanced focus on the security of your personal and private data.

Personal and Private Data

We fundamentally do not collect or analyze your personal data and do not monetize it in any way.

How to Buy the Pro Version?

To get the Pro version, use the corresponding functionality in the WDRecorder app, in the 'Settings' section.

My phone's OS has been updated, and the Pro version doesn't work. What should I do?

Please contact us to provide you with a new version of the app for your device.

The app has stopped recording sound.

Please make sure that WDRecorder has been granted all the necessary permissions for its operation and that other apps and/or settings of your device are not interfering with its operation.
If necessary, feel free to contact us; we'll be happy to assist with the settings.