Wdroid: a secure
voice recorder for Android

A simple and secure voice recorder records phone conversations and calls from messengers.
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Privacy and
GDPR compliance

With WDroid Recorder, the following features are available to you:


Recording phone conversations
and calls from messengers

Record conversations from all messengers
installed on your phone


Delayed recording
via timer

Set the time when WDroid Recorder will exit standby mode and start recording audio


Room audio control

WDroid is capable of picking up on sounds and recording them when the phone is in sleep mode


Security of your data
and your privacy

WDroid Recorder does not transmit your data anywhere.
This is the developers' fundamental stance


Start recording by
SMS command

Send an SMS message with the command text to your phone, and WDroid Recorder will start recording audio around itself

No registration!

The basic features of the app are free and can be used without creating an account.

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WDroid Recorder is for those who value the privacy and security of their data online.

For professionals who work with confidential information

For individuals from other professions who want to feel secure

For businesses and entrepreneurs who want to protect the confidentiality of their company and clients

Why can you be sure that your personal data
is protected and confidential?

Unlike other apps that may store your data in the cloud or on remote servers, our app saves all data directly on your device, ensuring maximum security.

Our product allows users to block all known methods of tracking and data collection by third parties, as well as hide their personal information from unwanted eyes.

/* for those in the know! the application's manifest doesn't include the following: */

    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET"/>
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE"/>

Our main value is

WDroid Recorder is developed in Finland by a team of developers from Finland, Estonia, and Sweden.

We've decided to create a product where confidentiality is of the highest priority.

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